Stop the War in Iraq

Join us on Wednesday April 2nd: Action against Esso in Amsterdam

Non-violent, broad action from citizens
In resistance against the war

Against the interests behind these war. Those are mainly the oil
weapon industries and economical-political mighty elite who made this war
possible. Esso is exemplary for this.

Become part of the worldwide movement of citizens who striving after a
globalization from below by direct actions on the basis of direct
democracy instead of the globalization of multinationals, IMF, and so on,
and the current US strive for power.

'Have peace without E$$O'

Time: 16.00 hr, be punctual for explanation and depart – if possible – by
bike. Location: Binnenpret, 1st Schinkelstraat 14-16 Duration of the
action: until 18.30 hr

The war against the Iraqi regime stands not alone. Last years we have seen
a rapid detoriation on international level. After the September 11th the
war on terrorism, the war against Afghanistan, the sabotage of the Kyoto
Treaty, the boycott of the International Court, and so on, and now the war
against Iraq. De small series is only a small tip of the iceberg and not
yet ready for a long time….

Behind all these matters there is a struggle for power and interests. The
power and interests from particularly the US economical and political top,
which are often strongly tied together. The interests of multinationals –
with the oil companies as a good example – are the prevailing standard on
which the world is ruled. The war against terrorism, certainly with regard
to the Middle East and Central Asia, is in reality a war against the
threat of interests of especially US oil companies and thus of the US
economy. The dollar is coupled to the oil price, which means that the
whole US economy is dependent on the oil price and as a consequence on
them who can determine this. Oil will be yet for many years the most
important raw

material. Who controls the oil, rules the world and the United States
wants to stay that. Strikingly at this is that China -as the fastest
growing economy and biggest country from the world – was dealing with oil
concessions in Afghanistan as well as in Iraq. Now they could whistle for
it. This game about power and interests is at the expense of democracy,
many lives, the environment, human rights, and so on. Resistance against
the war against Iraq is by this means also resistance against this power
and interests.

Why action against E$$O (Exxon/Mobil Oil)?

E$$O was one of the main financiers of the presidential election
of Bush.

E$$O has huge interests in future contracts in Iraq.

E$$O is the largest oil company and the biggest multinational in the
world, settled in 200 countries, among others: the Netherlands.

E$$O is also involved in the situation in Afghanistan by means of her

interests in the pipeline through Central Asia for exploitation and
transport of
oil and gas at the Caspian Sea.

As a consequence E$$O earns a lot of money from these wars.

E$$O is the most important lobbyist in stopping the Kyoto Treaty.

E$$O rules (on the background) more over the world than elected
The interests of the Bush administration are closely knit with the
of the oil industries.

All this makes E$$O a symbol of the current misery and makes a broad
action campaign possible.

We hope that many consumers boycott Esso, also internationally there are
campaigns against Esso.

In Amsterdam we will hold a blockade on Wednesday April 2nd from
to 18.30 hr at a petrol station from Esso.

Be creative, cre-act, invent logo's on your suitable painted
manufacture posters, and so on, also for actions, demonstrations and

We hope that many take part or following our example and that
undertakes something in her / his own district against Esso. Such as: a
petrol boycott, spreading flyers at an Esso petrol station, sending
letters to the Esso headquarters in Breda (fax: +31 76 520 5072, Graaf
Engelbertlaan 75, 4837 DS Breda), and many other possibilities.

When Esso says NO against a war in Iraq it has more influence than a NO
from the governments of hundreds of countries.

"Have peace without Esso"

We request to all parties and groups who take part in this blockade, to
omit own advertisements via logo's or mentioning of names on signs and