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Autonoom Centrum

Bilderdijkstraat 165f

1053 KP Amsterdam

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gironummer 6131418 t.n.v. Stichting Afval Amsterdam

The world does no longer have any borders. Ads of travel agencies
give us the impression that the world is ours to explore. The
mass media, especially television, turned the world into a global
village. Our knowledge about the world and what happens on it is
amazingly detailed.
In contrast with this we see a world where more and more borders
are erected. Richer parts of the world like the European Union
and the United States close off their borders to inhabitants of
the rest of the world. Along with that the minds of many people
narrow which shows itself in many different nationalist
In this two faced world the "Autonoom Centrum" tries to find its
way, acting from the vision that the world should be seen as one.
A world with people who should all enjoy the same rights and
protection. People who should have enough and be able to express
their skills creativity and who have the power to make decisions
concerning their lifes and the world they live in.
The "Autonoom Centrum" does not believe in the uncontrolled and
unlimited free market thinking and the blind belief that
everything will turn okay eventually which comes with this
thinking. We put the question of the desirability of developments
first. A society can be influenced to act in a certain way even
though the opposite is widely believed. Influence and
desirability make acting necessary. That is what we do. Acting
for what we agree with and against what we oppose. We are mainly
concerned with a number of subjects: refugees and illegal aliens,
along with issues of democracy, racism and nationalism. We use
differing means: direct aid to those who are victims of a failing
policy (like refugees and illegal aliens), gathering information
and performing research to expose wrongdoings. We also develop
new ideas about alternatives and actions.